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Pick Up Procedure and Current Health and Safety Order

The health and safety of your children is Edmonds Community Schools is our number one priority.  We appreciate all the cooperation as you drop off and pick up your children at school.  We continue to monitor our safety protocol and are making a slight update to our pick-up procedure. 

Pick Up Time

  1. All parents are being asked to wait on the gravel field outside of the yellow zone indicated on the map provided. (please ensure you have proper foot wear as this field can have standing water and mud)
  2. Please wait to pick up your children until they are dismissed by the teacher.  All students will be dismissed on the gravel field by a teacher and not earlier.  Please do not ask your children to come with you before they enter the gravel field and the teacher verbally dismiss them to you.
  3. Once you have collected your children please leave the school grounds immediately.  We are currently under a new provincial health order and no social gathering are allowed in the before/afterschool hours currently
  4. We highly recommend parents to wear a mask at pickup.
  5. Please try to arrive as close to dismissal as possible at 2:47pm.
  6. If you are talking with another parent, please ensure you always keep your social distancing of 6 feet.

We also thought we would remind you of the current health and safety order that was updated yesterday by the Provincial Health Order. Some specifics of this order are around social gatherings and events including:

No social gatherings of any size at your residence with anyone other than your household or core bubble. For example:

  • Do not invite friends or extended family to your household
  • Do not host gathering outdoors either public or private property
  • Do not have playdates for children

The way we individually behave in our community has a direct effect on the health and safety of the entire school community.  Please follow these guidelines in order to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Sean Gaster



Burnaby Schools Health and Safety Guidelines:

New Provincial Health Order: