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Please Respond ASAP – Summer School Survey

This is a survey for parents to inform the school if they would like their child/children to attend summer school at Edmonds this summer. There are morning options where students will be part of a regular summer school program as well as an afternoon session where there will be an opportunity for students to be a part of a summer activity camp. Students do not need to attend both morning and afternoon sessions, however there is an opportunity for them to do both. Please complete the survey (below) and submit AS SOON AS POSSIBLE as this pre-registration opportunity is designed for students who would benefit most from an extra summer school program. You will be contacted directly by Monday, June 1st to discuss course selection. If you have not been contacted by Monday, June 1st please check your email for a link to general summer school registration. Thank you.

Summer School Survey

As well, here is a link that can provide you more information about the courses that will be offered at Edmonds this summer: Course Information