Social Studies Resource Links

Aboriginal Studies & Explorers

Ancient Web– Ancient Canada (& other Ancient Times & Places)

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada

First Nation Communities Across Canada

Native Weapons– Hunting & Armament (Canadian Museum of Civilization site)

Explorers – Links to Canadian Explorers and their adventures (Library & Archives Canada site)

History of First Nations in British Columbia

History – British Columbia


BC Historical Newpapers


Elections BC

Canada Government

How Parliament Works – Canada

BC Sustainable Energy – The Environment

Maps & Links to Countries of the World

All About Canada – quizes (provinces, capitals, landscapes

World Altas – maps, flags, country Links

Outline Maps – the world, continents, countries

Blank Outline Maps – the world, continents, countries

Pearson – World Atlas & Map Library

KidPort Reference Library – World Geography

Pearson – “Fact Monster” – Countries of the World

Ancient Civilizations & Early Man

Ancient & Lost Civilizations – Links to the histories of ancient civilizations and lost civilizations.

Ancient Civilizations – Ancient Cultures and Civilizations of the World

Ancient Cultures – Ancient ways of life – myths, religions, cultures – “This site is devoted to cultures, living and ancient, and the promotion of world communication and world peace.”

Exploring Ancient World Cultures – Near East, India, Egypt, China, Greece, Rome, Islam, Medievil Europe.

Ancient Web – Ancient World Great Civilizations – You can also build your own ancient cities here.

Study of Ancient Egypt – – Study of Ancient Greece

Early Man – Pictures of Ancient & Timelines of Early & Modern Man

Stone Age Time Lines

Histories of Wars

Interruped Lives – A Look At Internment During WW11 and the practice of internment today. (A technology-supported unit).

Holocaust – Resource Links to the Holocaust.

Remembrance Day Resource links